I have Recieve AUDIO problems...

Tue, 15 Aug 1995 22:40:22 -0500

I did'nt think I was able to recieve AUDIO, but yesterday I went to
KVR-InterneTV AUSTI @, they transmitt MuchMusic
a MTV like Video Channel from canada.
Well anyway, I started revieving the video, and while after watching
for about 10 minutes I heard a weird sound comming from my speaker( POPing
Then I started hearing Bit of music..The music came in and out for about 1
then it disappeared for 4-5 minutes, and then came back for 30-50 sec, It
like a good quality, but it was going in/out..

Anyway, I went to the FTP.Gated.Cornell site today and Downloaded
the latest PC version W 0.66b1........And the same thing happens...should
this be happening ???

I also sometimes get an Error Code in mu TRUMPET WINSOCK saying:
ERROR - WSAEinProgress (1) or (2) by Cuseeme..Whats this mean..I think it when
I don't disconnect from a site and try going to another cuseeme site..

My System Consist of the Following:

Ibm clone 386/33
8 megs ram
Windows 3.1
28,8k USR Modem
Slip Internet account using Trumpet Winsock 2 Rev.B
MediaVison PAS-16 Sound Card
Techworks 1megdram video card w/640x480x16M colors
MediaVision Pro Movie Studio Video Capture card

Is there Any help you can give me ???