QuickCam for Windows

Aaron M. Gold (amgold@ix6.ix.netcom.com)
Tue, 15 Aug 1995 20:29:20 -0700

Hello all!

I saw an ad in this month's _PC_Magazine_ for the Connectix QuickCam for
Windows, for "around $100." The ad encouraged me to send mail to
info@connectix com, which I did...twice...and so far I have not recieved an

A random perusal of ads in Computer Shopper doesn't show the cam
listed...and a trip to my friendly neighborhood CompUSA (not that I'd buy
there unless I had to :) turned up nothin' - they didn't have the unit in
stock and had no information.

Can anyone help out with info or pricing on the Quick Cam for the PC?


Aaron Gold - amgold@ix.netcom.com

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