Re Hauppauge Win/TV Card

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Wed, 16 Aug 1995 09:41:20 +0200

B r i a n K a l a b r i c wrote:

|Has anyone managed to get the Hauppauge Win/TV Card to work with CUSEEME.
|I am using the latest version of cuseeme ( W0.66B1 ).
|When i fire up cuseeme , it brings up my local window , but the window
|only displays hazzy horizontal lines.
|I've fiddled with diffrent compression settings etc , but have had no
|Can anyone tell me what i might be doing wrong.

I've had several problems getting correct picture format from a Hauppauge
Win/TV celebrity, especially with high resolution screens, and not only
linked to CU-SEEME.

I had a lot of trouble also with Video for Windows.

However, my send window now successfully displays a picture.

I suggest -

1. Use the latest Hauppauge software (available from their BBS)

2. Experiment with screen drivers and settings. The last time I got the
Win/TV to work was to change the video drivers screen font setting !!

Hope this helps

Derek Clifford