Re: [Q]: alias names for IP-adresses, how?

Ian Carr-de Avelon (
Wed, 16 Aug 1995 15:28:49 +0200

At 14:47 16-08-95 +200, Ulrich G. Kliegis wrote:
>> If you have a winsock which uses a HOSTS file, like Trumpet, you can give
>> any name you like to any IP number. The winsock checks the file before
>> resorting to DNS.
>> Yours
>> Ian
>I happen to use TWS which uses a hosts file. Does this mean, that I
>have to manually patch the name into the hosts file?

Lets say we know that a friend called John uses a pc with IP number,
and it is called A.B.C.D. We can type either, or A.B.C.D into
CU-SeeMe, Netscape etc. to get a connection.
If the HOSTS file contains a line: A.B.C.D
then the winsock will not use DNS, so we could put: John
and then use, John, as the name of the computer. eg. http//A.B.C.D/index.htm
becomes: http//John/index.htm.
You can make the change with EDIT of EDLIN if you prefer.

>Windows - from the people who brought you EDLIN.
>Your name resembles one that I connect to some music in the seventies
>- any relation or pure coincidence?

Avelon/Avalon is a place in English mythology, but otherwise there
is no connection.
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