Re: CU, audio and Win95

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Wed, 16 Aug 1995 08:56:03 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 16 Aug 1995, Dave Maswick wrote:

> 1. Whenever I start CU under Win95, the programs starts and then halts,
> giving the following message:
> CUSEEME caused a general protection fault
> in module DIBENG.DLL at 0002:00000369.
> ...
> If I close CU and then re-start, all is well......kinda.
> I do NOT see the audio indicator bars on either incoming or outgoing audio.
> In the audio setup, the correct device (SB16) is listed. It would almost appear
> that CU THINKS that it's working (and may indeed be) but Win95 is holding it up.

I've experimented with this GPF error - I've gotten the exact same error
and have been researching it a little bit. My first question is "What
video card and video driver are you using?" I have been using a #9
4Meg Imagine-128. I run at a video res of 800x600. I've been using the
driver from the Win95 golden CD, driver ver 1.00.20. Now the GPF with
DIBENG (a new module which handles (I don't have my programmers guide handy,
someone 'borrowed' it) video) seems for me to only occur when I'm running
16-bit/high color (65k colors). If I switch to 256 color, or up to
32-bit/true color then I don't get that GPF. So you may want to play
around with the color depth settings.

Don't know what to say about your audio panel, however. I presume you've
brought up the audio panel manually when you start up the client and it
simply does not show the bars. Win95 shouldn't be the problem, as I'm
running a SoundBlaster Vibra-16 (or AWE32 at times) and not had a
problem. Maybe resolving the GPF will alleviate the sound problem, it's
hard to tell.


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