Send Audio (Windows) and VAT (serious Problems!!!!)

Karl-Heinz Gasper (
Wed, 16 Aug 1995 14:27:48 +0000

Hi All,
After downloading the new CuSeeMe Version W0.66b1 I tried to realize an
audio connection to a Unix box running with VAT (via reflector!). On either
boxes I defined DVI as encoding options ( I also tested some different encoding
options without success!). Audio receive was no problem; but audio send from
Windows does not work:

1. I have noticed: When I click on the "push to transmit" button,
the red level indicator is already jumping up and down, before the microphone
is 'ON'. The same reaction I noticed on the VAT box.
2. After activating the microphone there was a lot of clicking and popping
on the VAT box; in former tests I experienced this behaviour if there are
different encoding options active.
3. Recently Rich Kennerly e_Mailed: CUSeeMe DVI has a bandwidth of 32 Kb/Sec.
In the VAT man page you can read: DVI has a bandwidth of 46 Kb/Sec.
Which statement is correct or is there an incompatibility? This would
explain the above mentioned behaviour!
Does anybody have the same problem and what kind of proposals could fit!

Karl-Heinz e-Mail: ( Germany )