How do you get a Quick Cam repaired?

Sam Hodge (
Thu, 17 Aug 1995 19:31:02 +0930 (CST)

Dear Cu-Users,
I got a quick cam second hand from someone a couple of days
agao and it worked fine I have been travelling around with in in my bag,
stil in the packaging, qand when I tried to install the software on an LC
575 at work the think just packed up and started sending static! Serious
bummer! I wanna know if I can get it fixed or if I should try to get the
money out of the postal insurance for damage. I cant see that it could
have got damaged in my bag I have been handling it like eggs.
I hope that it was just something wrong with those machines I tried
it on. I reallyhope that my cam is not fried. I will go home and try it
on my computer where I know it works. But I am really scared it wont.
Shit I am really bummed!

SamI am!

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