Hanging on a mac from NT with no sound input

Gordon Watts - Brown University (GWATTS@dabr01.fnal.gov)
Thu, 17 Aug 1995 8:31:52 -0500 (CDT)

I have cu-seeme setup on a mac and an nt. The mac is sending audio and video.
The NT machine has no mic, but does have a soundblaster 16 card. The NT
machine connects to the mac, and video and sound come from the mac just fine.
When the transmit sound button is pressed on the NT machine (note -- no mic, so
should transmit dead air), the mac cu-seeme local video window freezes. The
minimum work to re-establish a connection between the two computers is restart
the cu-seeme program on the mac, and reboot (!) the NT machine.

Mac: 520 Powerbook, quickcam, mac internal mic, builtin eithernet, system 7.5.1,
mac tcp, Latest cu-seeme version

NT: 90MHz pentium (from micron), NT 3.5.0, standard winsock, soundblaster-16
card (no mic for input). No video. Ethernet connection.

The nt machine was located in Rohde Island, and the mac in Chicago. Frame
frates on the NT machine were good (used the telephone :-)), so I don't think
the speed of the link was a problem (saw over 80kbps frequently).

Thanks in advance for any help.