Reflector 4.0b2 dumps core under IRIX 5.3

Mike Loewen (
Thu, 17 Aug 1995 15:42:58 -0400

I've just started testing the 4.0b2 reflector on an SGI running IRIX 5.3,
and the following problems surfaced:

1. If the UNICAST-REF option is used in reflect.conf, my Sun NV3.3b client
is ignored by the reflector (can't send or receive, nothing shows up in
the log).

2. If the NV3.3b client is connected to the reflector, and the PowerMac 8100
next door (CU-SeeMe ppc0.80b2) connects, the reflector dumps core with a
bus error. Same thing happens if the PowerMac connects first, then NV.
NV and a Mac Quadra 610 (68k0.80b2) coexist quite nicely on the same

3. No matter who is connected to the reflector, if I connect the Sun VAT 3.4
client, and start to transmit audio, the reflector dies with a bus error.

Has anyone else seen these problems on the SGI reflector? Any fixes?

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