PC/TCP hosts file

Scott D. Wiegand (wiegands@trg.trglink.com)
Thu, 17 Aug 1995 13:31:52 +0000

I have been trying to use the latest version of CU-SeeMe for Windows.
When I launch it I get a 'gethostbyname ()' error. I understand that
it is looking for an entry for my IP in the DNS. The help file said
that I can create a hosts file to solve this problem. I created the
file properly and rebooted windows (just to be sure everything
loaded). It still gives the same error.

* I am using PC/TCP 3.1
* I put the hosts file in the c:\pctcp\etc directory
* c:\pctcp and c:\pctcp\etc is in my path
* c:\pctcp\etc is in the pctcp.ini file
* there is no entry in the completion domain in pctcp
* Sysadmin is a too busy to add me to the DNS but will when he gets
time. But for now I'd like to use the hosts file.

Any ideas, comments, and more importantly, solutions?

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