CU-Seeme, Netcom and Chameleon - Works Fine

L. Owens (lowens@HOLONET.NET)
Thu, 17 Aug 1995 12:27:13 -0700


I presently use Chameleon 4.5 NFS/X with Netcom using the PPP

I have successfully used and configured Chameleon 4.01 and 4.02
to work with Netcom using the PPP protocol as well.

CU-Seeme works very well with this configuration.

Here's how:

Edit the NETMANAG/SLIP.INI script, make certain the following
lines are in this file:

SCRIPT=login: $u$r word: $p$r beginning.... $2$r

You may have to change "TYPE" from CSLIP to PPP (CSLIP will not

Create a new interface and call it "NetCom".

Set interface type to "PPP"

Leave IP address and subnet mask UNCHANGED.

Set HOSTNAME to your Netcom user ID.

Set DOMAIN to "".

Set appropriate modem port.

Set appropriate modem type and parameters (have US Robotics,
defaults work fine)

Set DIAL to local Netcom number.

Set LOGIN to:

User Name: #username (your username preceeded by "#") this
requests a PPP connection.

User Password: your Netcom password

Startup Command: (leave blank)


Set DOMAIN SERVERS to the IP addresses of the domain servers of
your choice - ask Netcom, I use DNS servers from another service.
You MUST have access to DNS servers.

If you're using version 4.5 DO NOT enable DHCP. The SLIP.INI
requests and sets a dynamically assigned IP address from Netcom
which is displayed in the log window.


At this point, Chameleon will connect to Netcom through PPP. The
next step is to configure clients.

For this you need to know the host names of the following:

POP/SMTP server for E-mail (I have used

NNTP/News server (Contact Netcom)

I'm writing these instructions while connected through Netcom,
using Chameleon 4.5. I use Chameleon 4.02 at home.

Hope this helps everyone...
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