CU-SeeMe "professional experience"

Joseph M Izen (
Thu, 17 Aug 1995 15:15:57 -0600

>Anybody out there who have collected really useful experience using
>CU-SeeMe in their professional / private environment? If so, why
>don't you post it here :)

I use CU-SeeMe no keep in touch with my Ph.D. students when I travel. I
have used it extensively this summer when I was at Colorado State Univ. and
some of my graduate students were back home a the University of Texas at

We've gotten CU-SeeMe going at the Institute of High Energy Physics in
Beijing and the US and CHinese sides of the collaboration are starting to
use that to keep in touch. We don't have the scratch for $200 phone calls.
Recently, we netcast the Lepton Photon conference in Beijing.

I also am starting to use CU-SeeMe to keep in touch with others in the
physics education community.

-Joe Izen Assoc. Prof of Physics Univ. of Texas at Dallas