Re: Cuseeme & NV!

Ian Carr-de Avelon (
Fri, 18 Aug 1995 10:23:30 +0200

At 12:41 18-08-95 +0800, NEW KOK HONG wrote:
>I wonder whether the Cusm video format is the same as the nv encode
>"cusm" video format!
>Is the only differences betweem is just that the CUSM is in "Little
>Indian" format while the NV is in "Big Indian format"!

I remember some time ago there was a posting from Australia, a group
had a WWW page from where you could retrieve a receive only CU-SeeMe,
including source code and a full description of the format. I have kicked
myself several times for binning the format description, and once tried to
look through the archives of this list. Maybe somone in the group in
Australia, or somone else who knows, or somone who has facilities to
automatically search the archive would like to repost details.
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