Windows version starts and slowly stops

Bruce Madigan (
Fri, 18 Aug 95 15:50:50 -0700

CU-SeeMe is wonderful. Thanks for the great work. I have
been able to look in on several colleages and see their
work. We recently obtained the equipment to send video.
All installed and operated correctly, practically without a
hitch. The begins once a connection is made between a
video sending site and a receiver site (both within our
LAN. The sender says its putting video out at 3-8 fps.
The image apears on the receiver. After about 1-2 minutes,
the receiver side rates drops off slowly but steadily,
until nothing is happening. Then, a connnection timeout
message apears. The same happens when a
connection is made to a single person at a remote site.
Connecting to a reflector to receive only seems to work
wonderfully. We've read through the trouble shooting text
but that seems to address problems getting started. We've
made the connection but cannot keep it. Any ideas? What
other info do you need to help troubleshoot?


Bruce Madigan
NIST, Boulder, CO