Packard Bell Sound

Joseph Colburn (
Sat, 19 Aug 1995 16:34:50 -0700

Does anybody know why I can't send sound? I have the Packard Bell Pro TV
66, with the Forte 16 sound card in it. I try to send sound through the
microphone, but no go. I thought it was the microphone, but then I patched
my stero through the mic input on my card, and still nothing. I know it's
not the card, because the TV system in my computer sends it's sound out
through my card, and the sound comes through fine. I figure the only thing
it could be is the drivers for the sound card. If anyone with a Packard
Bell and Forte 16 could emmail me the WIN.INI and SYSTEM.INI sound card
settings, I would be most grateful. I would call Packard Bell, but they
have horrible customer support. I had to call LONG DISTANCE to get a part
that was not packed with my computer (to hook up my VCR), and I waited on
the phone 45 minutes before I heard a live human voice. This happened 3
times before they got it right! SHEESH!

Anyhow, if any info could be mailed to my, I would be MOST grateful!

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