Miro DC1 will not work Miro knows!!

Fred Overbey (foverbey@got.net)
Sun, 20 Aug 1995 11:10:15 -0700

Hi all

I have been in contact with George at Miro Tech support. It has
taken a lot but they are about to release a new driver that supports 16 and
24 bit palletized, but the 8 bit for programs such as cuseeme is not in the
list for release, according to George.
This will support programs such as vidcall, and wsircv (the video
version) but they don't for see the 8 bit in the near future. Knowing the
amount of time a board is good for anything not looked at in the near future
is abandoned normally. the release was suppose to happen in the first week
of August, but on recent calls it has been pushed back, repeatedly and now
looks to be the first week of Sept. At this rate it could come tomorrow
(which never comes)
My experience with this company has been at best frustrating, I have
tried to show them the importance of supporting network applications, but
they just don't seem to get it.
The list is wrong and I have written to this list many times in an
effort to get it corrected, the person that is on the list as testing the
board says he tested the D-1, not the DC1 so the D1 works....OK but how many
have gone out and purchased this board thinking they have solved their
problem of how to get cuseeme up and running...only to find out they spent
too much and was lied to.

to the people who package the program make sure DC1 is removed!!!
it does not work!!!

to those of us looking to make it work
send your cards and letters to


and to your favorite PC magazine perhaps a few letters to the editor may
change some opinions

the board is a great board for working with video on Premiere it does nearly
everything it claims to....don't mean to kick it while it's down it just
fails in the network apps.

Fred Overbey
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