CUSM questions

Bill Neuman (
Sun, 20 Aug 1995 07:55:01 +0000


My first experience getting CUSM to work was this weekend. I am no
longer just a lurker. I now have the capabilities to transmit. When I
start CUSM I get the local window all the time. When I connect to a
reflector, I may get two to six screens with others. When I check the
paticipants box, I get the info. My question is this: How do I know I
am really transmitting or really being received? If the other person
has the"eye" open does that mean they can see me for sure? How can I
pick out one person to either write to or talk to?

Audio at 28.8k over a PPP connection is mostly clicks and pops
because of the slow connection?

Would someone like to try out a point to point connection over the
net, to see if this works or not for me?