Re: How to stop NV from sending anything

Markus Buchhorn (
Tue, 22 Aug 1995 09:20:12 +1000

> Is there a way to stop NV from even opening a
> window on a reflector, once connected to it? Or is it
> good enough to just 'Stop Sending' under NV? Would that
> be bothersome to a reflector such as NASA that does not
> want anyone conencting in send mode?

If you have nv, why don't you check if you also have a full mbone
connection (ask your sys-admin ?). NASA also sends the same stream
over the mbone to nv clients using multicast. Try running a program called
'sd' and see if you see a NASA session advertised there.

You may also want to have a look for a programme called 'vic', which
is sort of a successor/competitor to nv. It uses H.261 video compression
meaning you can get better framerates at the same bandwidth. NASA are thinking
about using 'vic' for their next mission broadcast...


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