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Mon, 21 Aug 1995 17:55:34 -0600 (MDT)

[first off, apologies for the big spam]

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TAKE NOTE: Tribevibe, the hip cu-seeme reflector for ravers, clubbers,
cybercafes, and similarly-minded people has changed addresses because our
machine recently went through some big changes.

Old address:
New address:

Those of you who are Tribevibe regulars will have noticed that Tribevibe was
down the last couple days for this reason. It is now back up and should be
working fine at the new address from here on out.

ANNOUNCEMENT: If you're not doing anything this Saturday nite,
August 26, 1995, between around 12 midnite and 7 am Mountain Time, tune
into Tribevibe and watch as we attempt to bring global rave culture to a
new level by linking raves around the world via live videoconferencing
over the Internet. The homebase for this event will be the Skylab II party
in Denver, Colorado hosted by Come Together, The Tribe, and LowerWorld
Productions... (featuring Rabbit in the Moon, the Hardkiss brothers, Sniper,
MC Marvel, local artists-making-it-big NebulaNine, local kickass
hardcore-and-junglists Vitamin D & Fury, and local party-vibers Tribal Touch
& Larry Bishop)

If you are a promoter or friends with a promoter who is throwing a party
this Saturday and would like to be part of this trend-setting experience
in rave culture, and if you have some familiarity with setting up and
using Cu-SeeMe client software or know someone in your area who does,
please contact Andy Hawks via email ( or phone
(303.693.4361) *ASAP* so we can be assured of a link-up by Saturday.

peace and lur.

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