Re: Connectix QuickCam for Windows

Michael Sattler (
Mon, 21 Aug 1995 20:24:41 -0700

>Apparently some distributors are accepting advance orders for the camera.
>This is how he managed to "buy" one and still not know wether it worked with
>CUSM or not.

I suspect that we'll see a rash of these kinds of notes between now and the
time the QuickCam for Windows is actually released.

>I expect the first shipment of these cameras to be sold out almost
>immediately to fill advance orders. If you want one, you should order one
>NOW. I have two on advance order myself...

This is good advice. There was a great number of pre-orders for the
QuickCam for Windows and the cameras were very difficult to get for a while
after they were released.

I'm looking forward to seeing the smiling faces of our Windoze bretheren.

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