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Nick Hine (
Tue, 22 Aug 1995 09:35:26 +0100


The quickacm plugs into the serial port of the mac because it
produces pages of digital video. It produces digital video sufficiently
quickly (effectively taking "snapshots" with sufficient frequency) to be
apparently video to us humans looking on. The goose neck is a flexcam made
by videolabs. It is a full coulour camera, with an amazing focal range and
built in stereo microphones. It produces an analogue video stream. This
needs to be plugged into the video in port of a video capture card, either
on an AV mac, or a third party video capture card in a PC or Mac. Quickcam
is a cheap and cheerful solution for a Mac that has no other video in
capability and where 16 shades of grey is OK, eg for CU-SeeMe, but the
Flexcam is necessary for applications where properolour video is required.

I hope this helps

Nick Hine

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