RE: FW: Sorry if this has been asked b4...

Tim Belcher (
Tue, 22 Aug 1995 16:38:29 -0400

I get the strong impression that they are a Mac company having some =
problems bringing products to a PC. I agree with what you said as well, =
both here and in your other response. If Connectix is making a product =
that does not support CU-SeeMe, then they are making a worthless product =
(unless they are trying to make a Connectix alternative). If they do =
plan to support CU-SeeMe then they should say it and stick to it.=20


From: Aaron M. Gold[]
Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 1995 11:27 AM
Subject: Re: FW: Sorry if this has been asked b4...=20

> I am replying back to the CU-SeeMe list=20
> First: I have seen advertisements in every major publication...
> Second: My original question was whether or not ...
> Last, but not least: Now that I know you actually have Internet mail =
- Why don't you fix the damn address to actually =
reply to a message!
> An angry customer,
> Tim Belcher
Hear, hear! Well said, thanks for posting it on the list. John's=20
messages are pretty much directly sent to 1700 existing or potential=20
customers. I'm glad you posted your gripes on the list. (And the lack =
of a=20
reply to info@connextix com angered me...I mentioned it to this JOhn=20
at Connectix, and he didn't acnowledge it. That was downright=20

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