Re: PC/TCP hosts file

Chip Sparling (
Tue, 22 Aug 1995 17:48:42 -0400

>I am not using a SLIP or PPP connection.. I am connected directly to
>our network from my office at work. I have a permanent IP address.
>Thanks for the help, but it didn't work. Any other ideas for
>permanent connections to the internet?

With PC/TCP the default place for a host table is c:\etc\hosts,
you can check to see if it is looking there by running
"inet config" from a DOS box. If it says "hosttable=c:\etc\hosts"
and it still doesn't read your file, try adding a hard carridge
return at the end of the file and resaving, it helps sometimes.
You can use our DOS host.exe command to check lookups using
local files and multiple configured DNS servers or a random
one of your choosing. "Host -?" will show you all 15 of the
command line options. Let me know if you still have problems.

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