Re: QuickCam for Windows availability
Tue, 22 Aug 95 16:20:28 PDT

On Tue, 22 Aug 1995 15:27:11 +0000 Aaron M. Gold wrote:
> In any case, what Tim said has merit. This person from Connectix
>has not answered very many questions that were asked. His info about
>which version of CUSM to work with QC/Win was wrong. I asked a
>couple of questions, and he skipped over most of them.

An honest mistake. I read over the message and did not relize he had mentioned

>> The lead time for magazines is as much as three months as well.
>September." But that's beside the point. They invited us to email
>to, which does not work. This was downright

The address was overwhelmed with requests. The requests
also came during MAC World in Boston where most of the sales personel were
attending. The mail was not answered in a timely fashion during this time.
However, Sales has been informed of the situation and it has been remedied.

>as a guideline. Whether Connectix is wrong or right is not the
>issue; what the customer percieves is what is important. I happened
This is very true. We are trying to release the best product available. I
hope that my response has not caused much harm. I am trying to let you have as
much information as possible without having it to be 2nd hand.

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