Greg Schwartz (
Tue, 22 Aug 1995 20:27:32 -0500

At 10:07 PM, 8/22/95, you wrote:
>I have tried downloading the PowerMac version of CUSeeMe and upon
>completion, NetScape tells me that I don't have an application to launch
>the file "CU-SeeMe.ppc.0.80b2.bin" and do I want to save it? I save it
>on my hard disk. Now what. I have searched the CUSeeMe web pages to no
>avail...I cannot find anything that refers to this message and what
>application I need to put CUSeeMe software on my Mac?!!

The message has nothing to do with CU-SeeMe. The alert just means
that Netscape doesn't have a program configured to open Macbinary
files (such as Stuffit Expander). Check out your helper
applications. You're probably missing the setting for
"application/x-macbinary" with the extension "bin". Set it up to
launch Stuffit Expander, and you shouldn't have to worry about that
message again. . .


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