Re:CU-SEEME-L digest 527

Chuck Crews (
Wed, 23 Aug 1995 01:27:16 +0100

> Were there
> another low-cost alternative to the QuickCam, I might well avoid
> Connectix. If they don't have the coordination between their
> marketing staff and the people running their mailbot, do I really
> want to buy one of their products?

Buy something else then, I guess. (Seems to me from reading this list that
the PC world is as discombobulated as their favorite shell of an OS. All
these Win/DOS compatibilty woes read like an Apple commercial.)

Speaking of incompatibilties, I am now on my second Connectix QuickCam. The
first was made obsolete by my new computer's handling of its serial ports.
When I called to report the problem, the tech support specialist took my
name, issued me an RMA number, and asked that I send him my QuickCam for a
replacement. I sent by Priority mail and had a brand new one sent back by
next-day courier.

Please note that what made the product unusable was a modification in the
specs of the host computer, not by anything done by Connectix. Yet they
were still willing to eat the return costs and even sent a free CD for my

That's my experience with Connectix. Seem like more than reasonable enough
folks to me.

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