Re: Frustration

Tuomas Eerola (te@UWasa.Fi)
Wed, 23 Aug 1995 10:45:05 +0300 (EET DST)

> completion, NetScape tells me that I don't have an application to launch
> the file "CU-SeeMe.ppc.0.80b2.bin" and do I want to save it? I save it
> on my hard disk. Now what. I have searched the CUSeeMe web pages to no
> avail...I cannot find anything that refers to this message and what
> application I need to put CUSeeMe software on my Mac?!!

All other Macintosh FTP software handle MacBinary automatically, exept
Netscape. Netscape wants separate MacBinaryII+ application to handle
MacBinary coded software.

I have a small ftp-server to handle and before I had everything stored
as MacBinary there. Users had no problems downloading stuff.
Then suddenly began to come complaints about broken archieves, and all
of them had been using Netscape. I had to change all files to raw binary,
and change all .sea to .bin so that Netscape could handle those files.

Use Anarchie or Fetch for FTP and you get CU-SeeMe much faster and
more reliably.