Off the net

Persson Stefan, Promotor (
Wed, 23 Aug 95 10:14:00 PDT

Hi All !

I'm trying to establish an CU-SeeMe connection between two PC:s off the net.
In this application I should use Diehl's ISDN Diva boards for the
communication between the two computers. I've tested ISPA Packet driver and
it works fine with Diva. Now I must have something to put between ISPA and
CU-SeeMe. I've tried with WINPKT and Trumpet Winsock but that doesn't work.

Have anyone of you out there done something like this (on PC:s) or have got
any ideas, I would very much appreciate if you enlighten me.

Do I need to get a client/server software ?
Can Windows95 help me ?