Re: Sound only...

Wed, 23 Aug 95 18:27

> Could it be possible to get sound only from a reflector by "freezing" the
> picture, or does that freeze the sound too? That way you could choose
> whether you wanted video with SOME audio, or just audio without the video
> taking up bandwith. I am on at 28.8K and I rarely get sound (unless the
> people aren't transmitting). I did set up the sound settings in the INI
> for 16K too...
> J. Solomon Kostelnik -
> IBM OS/2 Warp v3.0

Hi All,
I think there is a simple solution: install on a Linux box (this is
a PC) a sound board ( soundblaster compatible) and VAT ( which
works with CUSM too ). Then address a reflector where VAT-UC-PORT
is defined. The only Info you get as CUSM participant (PC, Mac,
Unix box) is a participant list and naturally sound.
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