QuickCam problem...black screen

Brendon Macaraeg (bqm1808@is.NYU.EDU)
Thu, 24 Aug 95 16:00:47 -0400

Like Greg who posted earlier,
I, too, am getting a black screen
after about an hour with CU-SeeMe.
Or the screen is all fuzzy with
light and dark lines across the image.

I'm on an 8100/110 PowerMac, plenty of RAM
System 7.5

Is it possible for the CCD units
to go bad? How much wear and tear
can these things handle?

What causes the black screen? Extension conflict?
I've tried a bar minimum of extension
as well as connecting to the printer port.
Same thing in both cases.

Any help is appreciated,

Brendon Macaraeg
"Are You Allergic to the 20th Century?"