Fri, 25 Aug 95 06:22:31 EST

Just wanted to report seeing Mr. Cogger on CBS this morning. The
demo of CU-SeeMe was shown at about 4:30am on Channel 9 in the
Washington, DC area.

The presentation lasted about 10 minutes. Mr. Cogger and the
representative from White Pine connected to a couple of different

I was glad to see Yvonne Andres from the Global School Network
included on one of the reflectors. She was interviewed on the use
of CU-SeeMe in education. I was also glad to hear the White Pine
representative mention near future activities including school
kids from around the world.

Thumbs Up to Mr. Cogger, Cornell University and White Pine for
their work in bringing a reliable, stable video conferencing
product to the market.

Jim Jarrard
Department of Defense Education Activity