Re: QC vs. Capture Board
Fri, 25 Aug 1995 11:02:57 -0400

At 2:42 PM 8/23/95 +0000, Aaron M. Gold wrote:
> So...what difference would I see between using a video capture
>board and using QuickCam?

Depending on the camera and video capture board, you should be able get
much better quality video and a higher frame rate than you can with the
QuickCam. E.g., connect to the Cornell reflector (
sometime, and you will see a wide variation in video quality. On the other
hand, network bandwidth will often limit the frame rate to under 10 fps,
which the QuickCam can handle fine, and you can get nice video from a QC if
you have proper lighting. If you are going to use it in situations where
you don't have much control over the lighting, I would go for a camera +

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