Re: Bigg whoop about White Pine

Terra Universal, Inc. (
Fri, 25 Aug 1995 10:10:58 -0700

>What's the big deal with what White Pine says on CBS? Who cares? We know
>what the software does. Did they add anything significant? Not tyhat I've
>heard. So it's a little mini infomercial for White Pine to announce they
>now sell something someone else developed and still gives away for free.
>Big whoop there.
> Jim

After I had sent Yvonne Andreas my congratulations on her appearance in the
CU-SEEME segment of the show for CBS. She replyed with something similiar
to "...It's always a great thing when education in the classroom gets
national coverage and it's vieweed in a positive light (and with
CU-SEEME)..." I must say that I agree. I don't care what White Pine's
motives are for their national coverage on the news, but I applaud the fact
that education was included in the segment and that it was viewed
positively. That is something to WHOOP about considering that Yvonne, like
most educators, don't get paid for what their worth and are rarely
recognized for their efforts in the classroom.

Sorry, Jim.