Windows and Audio levels

Bob Cherry (
Fri, 25 Aug 1995 12:23:07 -0700

I just spoke with White Pine software folks who indicated that the
commercial version of CUSM won't be available until sometime in
November. I have a project which needs to be completed around the
first of October. The problem is that even if I get a Beta release
of the Windows version, all existing CUSM package will be incapable
of getting the audio. Since the Windows version doesn't allow me
to increase the audio level, it looks like I've got to find another
alternative for conferencing. Even if I do get the WP version, there
is no way that my international audience will ever be able to acquire
the package needed to receive the broadcast. We are attempting to
broadcast an international awards show so domestic coverage only is
not acceptable.

Does anybody have any ideas for alternative solutions since the
Cornell product doesn't allow me to boost the audio level for sending
and the commercial product won't allow anybody else to hear it.

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