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david a. schlussel (
Fri, 25 Aug 1995 16:44:31 -0400 (EDT)

For international distribution, this is what i've come up with:

1) MBone
requires all participants to have multicasting unix boxes at the
moment (see links from my home page for details)

2) CU-SeeMe (not white pine)
freely available.
heavy bandwidth usage, can be mitigated with BCC'd reflectors.
I didn't fully understand your problem. The pc's audio is not
100%, but:
1) i know pc's can recieve audio
2) i thought pc's could send audio now
3) a mac can send audio.
So, if your problem is with sending audio from a PC, get a mac.
If your problem is with broken up audio, you'll need a better net
connection. If your problem with "audio level" is simply volume,
get some additional speakers, or headphones, or plug the headphone
jack into a microphone jack of a stereo system.

3) Video/audio bridges, talk to ATT

4) Television broadcast

5) Radio simulcast.

or maybe i just don't understand your problem

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On Fri, 25 Aug 1995, Bob Cherry wrote:

> I just spoke with White Pine software folks who indicated that the
> commercial version of CUSM won't be available until sometime in
> November. I have a project which needs to be completed around the
> first of October. The problem is that even if I get a Beta release
> of the Windows version, all existing CUSM package will be incapable
> of getting the audio. Since the Windows version doesn't allow me
> to increase the audio level, it looks like I've got to find another
> alternative for conferencing. Even if I do get the WP version, there
> is no way that my international audience will ever be able to acquire
> the package needed to receive the broadcast. We are attempting to
> broadcast an international awards show so domestic coverage only is
> not acceptable.
> Does anybody have any ideas for alternative solutions since the
> Cornell product doesn't allow me to boost the audio level for sending
> and the commercial product won't allow anybody else to hear it.
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