Spent LOTS of $$$ on CUSeeMe

Mark Hindle (hdlmkr@world.net)
Sat, 26 Aug 1995 09:54:17 +-1000

Hi guys/girls,

Ive got a Pentium/90, 32mb RAM, Creative VideoBlaster RT300 with =
Creative color CCD desktop cam. I run Win 95 (final release, I have had =
CUSeeMe running on all of the beats no prob.) Then I bought the camera =
the other day, installed the video board, and bang, no go!! I think I =
recall seeing somwhere that said - the VB RT300 is not compatible??!?? =
When I start CUSeeMe (version 0.66b1), my whole PC runs like an XT, and =
I only get a black picture with white snowy lines through it, and I can =
exit, but it take about 10-15 seconds for the program to register that =
it has been given an ALT-F4 command. It exits, and everything is back =
to normal. Has ANYONE gotten a VB RT300 working? If so HOW DO I DO =
IT!!?? Thanks for your time in reading this, I have been a quiet =
subscriber for a while now, and finally need help.