Netphone compatiblity?

Rogene Talento (
Sat, 26 Aug 1995 00:39:13 -0700

I'm trying to establish an audio link from my PC to my brother's Mac.
Cu-seeme seems to be the only cross-platform application for this.

Problem is, my brother isn't setup to transmist video, so he can't access
the audio transmission settings of Cu-seeme. All I hear from him are the
clicks and pops because I'm assuming the default compressions scheme is
something likee Intel DVI 32K/sec.

So, we've tried a couple of things with no success. He can get Maven going,
and configured, but then can't connect to me. Then we came across Netphone
which now claims CU-Seeme and vat compatibility, accouring to their homepage.

Does anybody know about Netphone and Cu-Seeme working together? I would
appreciate any information...

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