WinNT 3.51 Critical bug to report

Sat, 26 Aug 95 07:21:42 -0700

I've been running Win NT since Jan '95, so I'm an
experienced user developer. Under what I can't say are
reproducable conditions CUSeeMe hangs on my WinNT 3.51 system.
If I try talking to someone by pressing the press to talk
button, sometimes the button sticks and the whole application
hangs. When I try to launch it again, I can't connect again
to a server. No matter if I try to free any un attached
threads in my system, that may have belonged to the
last aborted CUSeeMe run, it doesn't seem to be able to
connect again. Are you aware of this problem? Do you have any
solutions? Am I fucked for now? Or is it just me?

Just thought you should know. Thanks Fred Faloona.