FW: WinNT 3.51 Critical bug to report

Kotak, Ketan (kkotak@naper1.napervilleil.attgis.com)
Sat, 26 Aug 95 14:58:00 CDT

I have seen the same symtoms on Win95. So any response to this will be

btw: Fred, I think the "f" word isn't appropriate for this kind of list.
Ofcourse that's just my opinion.

>Sent: Saturday, August 26, 1995 7:21 AM
>Subject: WinNT 3.51 Critical bug to report

> I've been running Win NT since Jan '95, so I'm an
>experienced user developer. Under what I can't say are
>reproducable conditions CUSeeMe hangs on my WinNT 3.51 system.
>If I try talking to someone by pressing the press to talk
>button, sometimes the button sticks and the whole application
>hangs. When I try to launch it again, I can't connect again
>to a server. No matter if I try to free any un attached
>threads in my system, that may have belonged to the
>last aborted CUSeeMe run, it doesn't seem to be able to
>connect again. Are you aware of this problem? Do you have any
>solutions? Am I fucked for now? Or is it just me?

> Just thought you should know. Thanks Fred Faloona.