Preliminary announcement of GLH in October

Tak Utsumi (
Sun, 27 Aug 1995 22:52:59 -0400 (EDT)

August 27, 1995 TAKESHI UTSUMI
Chairman, GLOSAS/USA


"Global Lecture Hall (GLH)" (TM)
(multipoint-to-multipoint multimedia interactive videoconference)
at the occasion of
The VIth International Conference on Distance Education:
Universidad Estatal a Distancia
San Jose, Costa Rica
October 25, 1995
9:00 am to 12:00 noon (Costa Rica Time)
10:00 am to 1:00 pm (Eastern Time/U.S.A.)


(a) U.S. Domsat (Ku-band): North America
(b) INTELSAT (C-band): Central and South America, the Caribbean
(c) INTELSAT-K (Ku-band): Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Scandi-
navia, Baltic, Ukraine, Western Russia, Medi-
terranean, etc.
(d) INTELSAT (C-band): Africa
(e) Internet: Around the world with CU-SeeMe and MBONE
(f) ISDN: Around the world with PictureTel, etc.


8:00 am Start testing
9:00 am Opening remark; Dr. Takeshi Utsumi, Chairman of GLOSAS/USA,
President of Global University/USA (from Athens, OH)
9:05 am Greetings; Dr. Don Flournoy, Director of Institute for Telecom-
munications Studies, Ohio University (from Athens, OH)
9:10 am Demonstration of experiential learning by virtual laboratories
and simulation models with MBONE (text, graphics, image, white-
board, audio, and video (1 to 3 fps) at 200 Kbps) via Internet
in distributed mode; Dr. Don Brutzman, U.S. Naval Postgraduate
School (from Monterey, CA)
9:30 am Greetings; Mr. Charles Fox, Director of WORLDNET Television and
Film Service, U.S. Information Agency (from Washington, D.C.)
9:35 am Demonstration/presentation of FORUM computer-mediated multime-
dia conferencing system (CMMCS) via Internet; Dr. Bill Klemm,
Texas A&M University, -- an instructor and a student at differ-
ent locations will be seen in two split screens side-by-side
which will be sent via satellite (from Austin, TX)
9:55 am Intermission
10:00 am Greetings with PictureTel via digital switched service; Dr.
Tapio Varis of the University of Art & Design (Former Rector of
the U.N. University for Peace in Costa Rica and Executive
Advisor of GLOSAS/USA) (from Telecom Finland in Helsinki)
10:05 am Greetings; President Robert Glidden of Ohio University (from
Athens, OH)
10:08 am Greetings; Rector Dr. Celedonio Ramirez of the Universidad
Estatal a Distancia (from San Jose, Costa Rica)
10:11 am Greetings; Mr. Colin Power, Assistant to Director General for
Education or Dr. Frederico Mayor, Director General of UNESCO
(from UNESCO/Paris headquarters)


10:20 am Greetings; Dr. Armando Vargas Araya (Regional Director for
Latin America and the Caribbean of INMARSAT, former Minister of
Communication of Costa Rica, former Secretary General of Ulcra
(KLa.Am radio/tv organization)) (from INMARSAT/London Headquar-
10:23 am Demonstration of nurse training course exchange with direct
portable dish-to-dish antenna connection of ShareView (with
text, graphics, image, whiteboard, audio, and video (10 to 15
fps) at 9.6 Kbps) via INMARSAT in two-way, interactive mode
between Ohio University and Costa Rica conference site; Profes-
sor Jose Brenes, University of Costa Rica, Dr. Kathleen
Rose-Grippa of Ohio University and Mr. Jim Miller of SYNECTICS,
10:53 am Greetings with PictureTel via digital switched service; Dr.
Alexander Schure (former Chancellor of University Federation, a
consortium which created Nova Southeastern University) (from
Fort Lauderdale, FL)
10:57 am Greetings; Dr. Eugenia Flores, President of the Costa Rica
Academy of Science (from San Jose, Costa Rica)
11:00 am Presentation of Global SchoolHouse project with CU-SeeMe (black
and white video (10 to 15 frame per second [fps]) with Macin-
tosh and IBM compatible machines), including MAVEN audio con-
ference and slide window via Internet; Mr. George Brett, Direc-
tor of the Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery
and Retrieval (CNIDR) (from Research Triangle Park, NC)
11:15 am Demonstration of KarlNet's 2 Mbps wireless telecom with
CU-SeeMe via Internet; Dr. Doug Karl, Director of Networking
and Communications, Ohio State University (from Columbus, OH)
11:35 am Presentation of Global Telecommunications University project;
Dr. Renato Cortinovis, Training Officer of Human Resource
Development Division of the International Telecommunications
Union (ITU) (from Buenos Aires, Argentina)
11:55 am Closing remark; Dr. Takeshi Utsumi

Our demonstration of direct portable dish-to-dish antenna connection
of computer-mediated multimedia system (CMMS; e.g., ShareView, etc.) via
INMARSAT at 9.6 Kbps will evolve to our next project: one-to-many, non-
interactive, broadcasting of CMMS via inexpensive narrow-band channel of
Direct Digital Broadcasting Satellite (DDBS) with receive-only multimedia
system (dubbed as "MultiMedia of America (MMOA)" (TM)), for those students
in rural and remote areas where there is no Internet node. Video of
instructor, handwriting in color on an electronic whiteboard, image/graphic
with annotation, dynamic graphic presentation by real-time execution of an
application program and simulation model, etc., can be seen in windows on
computer screen at students' sites. Once accomplished, this connection can
then be changed to interconnect with Internet for CU-SeeMe or MBONE video-
conferencing, World Wide Web, etc. These delivery systems will also be
augmented with the combined use of email, fax, FORUM, wireless telecom (for
local use) and packet-satellite (for transcontinental use) technologies,
for high levels of feedback and interaction between instructor and students
and among students, when American (and later other countries') educational
courses are sent to rural and remote areas of developing countries.
This GLH will also connect with a major public seminar "Center for
Global Connections" in Helsinki, Finland, to celebrate the 50th anniversary
of the United Nations, which has been organized by The Finnish UN Associa-
tion, The Helsinki University, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Telecom
Finland, etc.



Every GLH is an experiment in previously unexplored combining of
technological elements in a new manner. The objectives are usually three-
fold: (1) to test hybrid configurations of various technologies, (2) to
offer the participants a stage for meeting at a distance and gaining
confidence in the use of novel means of communication -- an opportunity for
hands-on "collaborative experiential learning" about the technologies and
their applications, and (3) to gain knowledge of the different needs in
various learner communities and the constraints (e.g., regulatory environ-
ment, etc.) that have thus far made sophisticated electronic distance
education (EDE) inaccessible to them. Many less developed countries are
with [a] no good analog voice grade telephone networks, and hence no good
Internet, [b] subsequently, no realization for the use of electronic
distance education, albeit its economical advantage to them. Therefore,
the purposes of the GLH are [1] to have participants view and compare
various advanced (yet affordable) delivery systems with technical and
economical pros and cons, [2] to stimulate interest of educators and
decision-makers in the less developed countries in global electronic
distance education.


The computer screen will be uplinked for worldwide broadcast. If you
have a satellite downlink facility and our satellite foot-prints cover your
area, you can receive our satellite signal. You can also participate with
your personal computer and/or workstation which are directly connected to
TCP/IP oriented Internet without use of satellite nor dish antenna.
Other than participation fee (*), all participants have to be respon-
sible for the costs of (1) down/uplinking from/to satellites; (2) telephone
call to a videoconference center at the Ohio University for Q&A; and (3)
sending fax to the center for backstage coordination. (*: Under regula-
tion, fee of participants with INTELSAT satellite will be waved, but they
are encouraged to donate to GLOSAS/USA.)
Please contact Takeshi Utsumi for registration form. Registrants
will then receive instructions for participation.
* Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D. *
* Laureate of Lord Perry Award for Excellence in Distance Education *
* Founder of CAADE *
* (Consortium for Affordable and Accessible Distance Education) *
* President, Global University in the U.S.A. (GU/USA) *
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