Help ...

J. Lau (
Sun, 27 Aug 1995 22:54:44 -0800

Dear People,

I just subscribed to the list ... so please be nice to me. First
of all, I would like to say that I have made an honest-to-god
effort to read through the web pages. Some of the links (including
some FAQs) are dead and now I am rather lost. Sigh. :(

Fact : I have a Mac and I would like to talk to an IBM.
InternetPhone works on IBMs only.
NetPhone works on Macs only.
My phone bills are high enough that I have even considered
buying an IBM just so that I can talk.

ALL I want is audio. From the web pages, it seems that "audio
would not work if connection is made via modem"..."audio does
not work on the IBM platform."..."You need Sound Manager for
pre 7.5 Mac OS (the ftp link is dead)"....

I am just very confused right now. Would some kind soul please
tell me if I can have an audio connection with an IBM using
CUSeeME ? I have been asking about this on the NetPhone mailing
list but didn't get much help. Is my only solution buying a new
computer ?

I have a 68030 Mac running at 16MHz and the modem connection is
14.4K ..... 28.8K with compression. The IBM I am trying to talk
to is a 486 at 25MHz. Both have PPP connection.

Thanks in advance.... :)