Re: ComputerEyes/RT

Mark Flatford (
Mon, 28 Aug 1995 10:06:36 -0400

The vid window setup is wrong in your CuSeeME. The max that it will do is
160 x 120, 8 bit palettized....

Give that a try


>I've seen a post about this before but after scrounging through the
>digest archives couldn't find it again.
>I'm trying to use a ComputerEyes/RT with Cu-SeeMe. I have the latest
>computer eyes driver (WEYES512.EXE) and it it all works just fine using
>the WEyes software. But I get a garbled picture when I run CU-SeeMe. It
>looks like the images appears about 4 times but mangled. I've tried
>running Windows in bothh 256 color mode and 24 bit, but made no dif. I've
>also tried all of the different resolutions and color depths in CU-SeeMe
>but haven't got any closer.
>NB. The ComputerEyes/RT card is an NTSC version.
>Any ideas anybody ?
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