Configuring reflector to support MBone/nv and vat

Brandon S. Dewberry (
Mon, 28 Aug 1995 17:25:10 -0500 (CDT)


I'm having trouble with the reflect.conf settings for supporting
mbone - namely the nv and vat processes. This reflector runs on I find the explanations about Mbone in the
README.reflector.4.00b1.txt extremely terse. But maybe I just
have an incorrect mental model of what's going on. I'm assuming
that if I set it up right, a Unix/X system running nv with
CU-SeeMe encoding can connect directly to my CU-SeeMe reflector.

I installed 4.00b1 on (a Sun SPARC 20) with the
attached config file. What parameters do I need for the MC-IN
or MC-OUT configuration? Does another workstation need to be
involved? What parameters do I use for nv <ipaddr> <socket>?

Thanks for any help,


; **** reflect.CONF **** version 4.00b1
; modified 8/28/95

CONF-ID 0 Videoconference Test Conference in Progress

;CAP 1 100 Exceeded Kbs cap

MAX-PARTICIPANTS 10 Reflector Full!

;log-limit log file line limit

Welcome to the Test Reflector

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reflector to