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Kurt Foss (kfoss@itis.com)
Mon, 28 Aug 1995 20:30:41 -0500

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Date: Mon, 28 Aug 1995 20:38:38 -0500
To: meloan@aimnet.com, <CU-SEEME-L@cornell.edu>
From: Kurt Foss <kfoss@itis.com>
Subject: Re: CU-SeeMe article, San Francisco Examiner.

At 4:12 PM 8/28/95, steve meloan wrote:
>I just recently wrote an article on CU-SeeMe for the San Francisco
>Examiner. Turns out, they have an online presence. If anyone's
>interested, it's at:

It's not in the "new" section anymore -- go to the search page to find it
by date or author:



Steve Meloan

Sun, Aug. 27, 1995

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