re: AUX and cuseeme

Greg Madey (
Tue, 29 Aug 1995 06:31:47 -0400 (EDT)

---Al said---

Does anyone have experience running a CU-SeeMe reflector via AUX? I'm
considering a workgroup server 9150 for such a purpose (for internal use) -
I'd also like to run WebStar on it at the same time. Any
thoughts/suggestions? Thanks in advance!

- Al Spohn


I've been running version 3.0b3 of the reflector under AUX for at least 8
months (connect to to see the view out my window and to hear
WKSU, our campus radio station). It is very stable, although I don't seem
to be able to get refmon to work with it. Version 4.0 of the reflector has
not been ported to AUX, but a White Pine rep at MacWorld Boston told me
that a "volunteer" was working on it. Any news anybody??

The bad news for you is that AUX doesn't run on the WGS 9150. :-( Apple
has no plans to port AUX to the PPC.


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