Re: Where to find 3.0b6 reflector ??
Tue, 29 Aug 1995 12:53:45 -0400

At 9:36 PM 8/28/95 +0200, Halvor Kise jr. wrote:
>-------------- Reflector change-history ------------------
>Changes between 3.00B3 and 3.00B6
>1) Fixed a bug that caused the reflector to run out of slists. This resulted
> in the reflector exiting with the message "No more free slists".
>2) Added a kill-client command to refmon. Using refmon you can now type
> kill Please go away
> The message "Please go away" will appear on the clients screen and he
> will be disconnected from the reflector. Note there is nothing that
> prevents him from reconnecting.
>3) Added some casts to eliminate some compiler complaints.
>Now, I need to be able to "kill" people in my reflector. I also need to
>be able to use NV/VAT. So I am searching for the 3.0b6 reflector but I
>cant find it. Has it never been released or have I missed it?
>Anyone got it?

3.0b6 was never released. You can also kick people off using the DENY
command in the configuration file, which does, however, require a restart
of the reflector. I think that was available in 3.0b3.

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