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Don Johnson (
Tue, 29 Aug 1995 17:59:45 -0400

>On Tue, 29 Aug 1995, Roger Lee Boston wrote:
>> Reading the below explanation got me to wondering ... WHY is it hard for
>> CuSeeMe to do voice and video in a 14.4 data bandwidth via a network,
>> when a point-to-point modem connection via SV3000 gives superb full
>> duplex audio, a white board, -AND- a few frames/second in color at that
>> same speed? What is the network (or CuSeeMe) demanding that a
>> point-to-point connection via POTS does not?
>> Roger Boston
>> HCCS Distance learning,
>The system you describe has the benefit of specific hardware (the
>expansion card) doing all the work... primarily compressing the bee-geezus
>out of the outgoing data (and uncompressing the incoming stream). There
>is a lot you can do when you build an expensive card to do it :)
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Yeah, and it's relatively independent of the CPU! Did you hear about the
new system that gets 15-20 FPS over ISDN? The product is called Virtual Desk
PC and the company is Imagelink, Inc. They also claim 4000 installations in
Europe. I'm excited, I'm waiting to get info. But I've been disappointed
before! We'll see!

Their number is 800-420-1110.

Now, back to Cu-Seeme.

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