modems for MACs

paul sentner (
Tue, 29 Aug 1995 19:30:44 -0400

..This is off the list subject, but since there are so many Mac users here,
I think I can get informed info: of my students has an "older" Mac and is trying to become a
modem/internet user;
.. the question is: does the Mac require a "special" (high-cost?)
Mac-version modem, or could he use something like the Intel 144/144e
external modem that I use with my pc?

..Someone at a Mac store is trying to personally sell him an unopened 2400bd
modem for $50.

..My advice is to forget 2400 even if its only $5, and go for at least a 14.4
..are Mac modems so prohibitively expensive that the 2400 might be the only
thing he can afford? My Intel was affordable (to me)a year ago at $99.