Re: voice at 14.4 on the Mac
Tue, 29 Aug 1995 19:23:02 -0400

At 2:51 PM 8/29/95 -0700, Rogene Talento wrote:
>At 04:07 PM 8/29/95 -0400, Steven Taubman wrote:
>>I just discovered a product called NetPhone (
>>for the Macintosh which professes to provide high quality, full-duplex
>>voice communication at 14.4 kbps over the internet. In addition, its
>>compatible with CU-SeeMe. I haven't tried it out yet, but perhaps this
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>If anybody can explain the claim that Netphone is compatible with Cu-Seeme,
>I would surely like to hear it...

The only possibility that I can imagine is that NetPhone may implement vat
(audio for unix) or maven (audio for mac) protocols, which CU-SeeMe is
marginally compatible with. I say "marginally," because it requires a
reflector to do some protocol translation, and, even then, you don't get
full functionality.

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