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This item has a CU-SeeMe hook in the 5th paragraph.
Jump to end for (what I think) is the reflector address.

Reposted without permission from CompuServe's NewsBytes

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Fund-Raising Concert On Internet Today
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A., 1995 AUG 29 (NB) -- A live Internet
concert tonight from the funk and world music band "Spearhead" will
spearhead an event designed to collect pledges to help fight AIDS.

The concert will take place at the Los Angeles music venue House of
Blues on Sunset Strip, and will be "Internet-cast" over World Wide Web
sites from the band, the House of Blues, and Spearhead's record label
Capitol Records. It begins at 11:45pm EDT, or 8:45pm in Los Angeles.

Spearhead is described by Columbia officials as a "funky mix of soul-
based hip-hop, jazz, alternative, reggae, and James Brown-style funk."
The band is currently touring promoting its new album "Home."

All three Web sites will provide a way for Web surfers to contribute to
"LIFEbeat," the music industry's AIDS charity.

The concert will be brought to the Internet in video form via CU-See-Me
technology by the Internet service provider (ISP) DirectNet. The software
can be accessed from Spearhead's Web site. Capitol officials said anyone
with a Web browser will be able to see the concert. Previously, only
so-called "power users" of the Internet were able to effectively use

The concert is being sponsored by Capitol, the House of Blues, and
"rVision," a company that develops sites for the entertainment industry
on the Web.

The three Web sites where the concert can be accessed are: Spearhead's
own site at ,
Capitol Records' ,
and at the House of Blues' ttp:// .
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By examining the three web pages mentioned above, I tried which was buried under some red on purple text.
It seemed to work for me.

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